Why choose an indoor plant?

In the collective imagination plants are seen as beautiful ornaments for gardens, flats, balconies and streets. It is thought that all plants need direct sunlight and weather such as rain or wind, but in reality some species need special microclimates found inside houses and flats.
Indoor plants are in fact many and varied. Some of them are not only beautiful and add a touch of life to the surroundings, but are also beneficial to our health because they improve the air in our flats.

Among the most important air purifiers are :

Sansevieria Trifasciata

Ficus Benjamina

Dracaena Marginata and all its varieties



So, as well as being a wonderful piece of furniture, they can also purify the environment in which we live.
Sharing the same living space with these types of plants is therefore good for our health, our mood and provides us with an elegant atmosphere that serves our psychophysical well-being.

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